Hawaii Tax Help and Asset Building Resource Center – coming soon

A helpful-resource center representing the FISSP at the HACBED coalition of agencies. This list represents non-profits, business, financial institutions, and government agencies, together we work to:

-Improve awareness and educate the public about the Earned Income Credit (EIC), the largest federal anti-poverty strategy, which provides a refundable credit to working families and individuals who earn low wages.

-Enable access to free assistance and electronic filing of simple Federal income tax returns for eligible EIC individuals.

-Connect EIC recipients to financial asset building opportunities that will increase financial literacy, encourage savings, and individual development accounts.

Hawaii Tax Help and Asset Building Resources List coming soon.

The Journey To Self-Sufficiency Begins With A Single Step!

Hawaii Tax Help is now recruiting volunteer tax preparers and organizations that are interested in hosting a free tax site. We invite you to discover all the ways you can participate in this highly effective endeavor to help Hawaii’s workers claim their much needed tax credits!

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