Tax Return Preparer

All volunteers who want to prepare tax returns must be trained and must pass a certification test on the IRS’ website.  80% passing grade required; two chances to take the exam. Exam is an open-book, open-resource exam.Training and training materials are provided free of charge. Training materials are usually not available until early November. There are a few training options. REGISTER TODAY 

MULTI-LINGUAL and ASL (American Sign Language) INTERPRETERS: Certain sites can benefit from volunteers who are fluent in another language or proficient in ASL. Please contact the Program Director.


Appointment Schedulers

Sites are encouraged to accept clients by appointment only (as opposed to permitting walk-ins). The individual who will be scheduling appointments must understand what kind of documents taxpayers are required to bring with them to their appointment and the types of returns that a free tax assistance site can prepare (the IRS does not permit free tax assistance sites to prepare certain types of returns). Instructions for appointment schedulers are available through the Program Director. REGISTER TODAY 

Intake Specialists

Every client is required to complete the IRS’ Intake/Interview Form (Form 13614-C) and is requested to complete this Program’s survey form. Intake Specialists will make sure that the proper forms are completed and will check the taxpayer’s documents to confirm that all information on the Intake/Interview Form is accurate. Instructions for Intake/Specialists are available through the Program Director. REGISTER TODAY 

NOTE: ALL VOLUNTEERS must take and pass the Volunteer Standards of Conduct test which is available online. Those interested in becoming tax return preparers cannot access the preparer’s test without first passing the Volunteer Standards of Conduct exam.